How to Buy or Sell a Boat

10 Reasons to buy a used boat

How to buy/sell a used boat

Save Money on Accessories

Taking Photos of your Boat

Making an Offer to Purchase

Buying/selling a used boat is easier than you think

You can save thousands by buying a boat someone else used to love

Buying a used boat will save you thousands of dollars and if you are careful the boat you buy will come  with hundreds of dollars worth of accessories and extras

Buying and Selling a Boat

Buying an old boat

If you are like me, you don't have a lot of money to spend on a boat. Used boats represent a huge savings over buying new.

Years ago I bought a boat for $15,000. The seller said, "Well the first time you take this out it will cost you $15,000 a sail. The next time only $7,500 and the third time $5,000." I understand what he was saying. No matter how much or little you pay for a boat, make sure you sail it. Buying a boat cheap you can't sail while you fix it up is foolish. Boatyards are full of these "fixer-uppers". MORE