Perhaps one of the best marinas on Lake Ontario - Eat your heart out Port Hope!

Cobourg is a mariner’s dream. A beautifully situated marina with full facilities a short walking distance from shopping, food stores, the LCBO as well as a vibrant arts scene and theatre. Cobourg truly has it all. Yes I’ve been complaining about Cobourg’s neighbour Port Hope. Port Hope’s marina is truly on the wrong side of the tracks. Both Canadian National and Canadian Pacific maintain tracks and a tressel in that unfortunate town. Cobourg has none of that and the waterfront flourishes with restaurants, boardwalks and funky bars. The marina success has prompted expansion plans adding 152 slips starting in 2014.

That said, they may also have some of the most expensive docks on Lake Ontario.
My Grampian 26 cost me $39 plus HST for a night. The washrooms and showers
are adequate but could be updated.

Cobourg Marina

Phone: 905-372-2397

Fax: 905-372-7421

VHF: channel 68

Cobourg Marina

It is sometimes not easy to get a space at this marina. It seems to have everything you want. It is right downtown, there is a friendly helpful staff and the marina offers a variety of services. Also it is not in Port Hope. Port Hope is only a few kilometres away and both towns have an historic and well maintained downtown but only Cobourg has a great marina. The summer arts festival draws thousands from across Ontario so finding a docking space can be difficult. My advice would be to anchor off and dinghy in.