Cooking on a Boat is Pretty Easy

Welcome to my sailboat, Marzipan. It's a 26 foot sloop and one of the important features is its large galley, well at least large for a 26 foot sailboat! It has space for a stove, water supply and a sink with lots of space for storage. The provisions locker is under the dinette seat. It doesn't come with a refrigerator so I have a 12 volt cooler. It doesn't make ice cubes.
When I bought the boat from the previous owners it had naphtha stove. I sold it and bought an alcohol stove. Many people have propane, but propane is difficult to store and because it is heavier than air, has certain safety issues.
If you haven't cooked with an alcohol stove before or for a while, you are in for a pleasant surprise. This one isn't under pressure, doesn't sting your eyes and will burn cheap methyl hydrate, but my favourite is marine stove alcohol.

I use this boat for cruising, so having a well equipped galley is important to the comfort of the crew. The provisions locker should be well stocked with food that is easy to prepare. I'm not talking opening a tin of beans or spaghetti-doodles. Prepared food has its place, reserved for days under sail in heavy weather.
On days like today either at anchor or at the dock, I love to cook. Today we are going to talk about what kind of foods work well on a boat, how and where to store them and some easy cooking tips. We will explore a few unusual recipes like making bread in a pressure cooker and pizza in a fry pan.
Typically we go on weekend cruises with the occasional longer tours. The first day's meals can be prepared at home well ahead of time and then frozen. The sky is the limit there and the food will remain frozen several days in the boat fridge or a day or so in the icebox. My favourite is a stew, but a roast or a whole chicken is also possible. You can also bring on board frozen raw food for defrosting. Fish fillets are the crews favourite.
Most people that you can only fry things and boil water when you have a cooktop stove only. Let's just look at what we can do. We can toast using this camping toaster, cook just about anything fast with this compact pressure cooker, fry with the fry pan and stir fry/deep fry with the wok.
Provisions include lots of dried food stored in airtight containers such as soups and side dishes, canned meats and fish, self rising flour for fresh breads and pancakes and pizza crust, tinned tomato sauces and soups, dried cheeses, and tinned appetizers such as olives, artichoke hearts and condiments.

Roast chicken with
grilled sweet potato