Port Dalhousie Pier Marina. It’s a bit of a hike to food and entertainment

I went to a Grampian sailboat rendezvous here in June, 2011. I had a great time and met many other Grampian owners but I am not sure if I will return, as Niagara-on-the-Lake is close by with many more attractions and a downtown closer to the docks.

Leaving Toronto Outer Harbour, set a course of due south magnetic. I would heavily recommend a few good charts and a GPS/chart plotter for this trip as you will not have many visual sightings on the way there. The dual lights at Port Dalhousie may be visible about half an hour out. There is a tall apartment building on a high point on shore. It will be visible before the lighthouse. The marina is to the left of the harbour entrance behind a breakwater. Be aware that the entrance to the Welland Canal is just to the east, so don't confuse the two entrances.

The faculties are clean and well maintained. You will need a card to access the washrooms and docks. The marina monitors channel 68 so call if you need help docking.

The travel time from Toronto is about 7 hours at 5 knots so pack a lunch to eat in the cockpit

On the way back head north magnetic and you may already see Toronto directly ahead of you. Two smoke stacks to the east of the highrises will give you a good visual course if you are heading to the Outer Harbour. The end of the Leslie Street Spit (Tommy Thompson Park) does not stand out until you are about 20 minutes out.

Port Dalhousie Pier Marina

80 Lighthouse Road

St. Catharines ON

L2N 7P8


P: 905-646-5515

F: 905-646-5241

Toronto to Port Dalhousie (St Catherines)

This is a trip across the lake, so be aware that you will be out of sight of land and without cell phone coverage much of the time.

Port Dalhousie (pronounced dal-oozie) is a university town and the downtown section of Port Dalhousie is full of cheap and cheerful pubs. The downtown section is directly across from the marina, but quite a walk because of the river mouth and hydro electric dam. If at all possible, I would bring a bicycle along, especially if you need to get supplies. The marina does not have fuel, so you have to go to the yacht club next door.