How to get a boat free seminars
“ the class was fantastic, very well laid out and reality checking. the local tips were appreciated…”
How to get a Boat for Free (or Almost Free) Seminars

“Great class with Allan about boats and the cost of owning one. Allan was generous, entertaining, well-organized. I would attend another workshop by him. Really enjoyed it and learned a few new things!”

“The class was fantastic, very well laid out and reality checking. the local tips were appreciated but I thought there could be more reflection on contexts outside of Toronto (lake Huron, Champlain), just a thought. Thank you very much, a real pleasure. “ (the class was amazing! Thanks”  

“I enjoyed Allan’s class very much! Owning a boat has been a dream of mine.... The information received helped put some reality into what it takes to make this happen.… especially with the extra costs..etc... I will be emailing him for the budgeting information he so gratefully offered and will most likely offer my time to help him get his boat ready if he needs extra help! Thank you so much for this class!”

“Thanks to Allan Stokell, It was such an interesting niche, and you are a great source of information. Thank you so much for sharing. You have saved us from a lot of footwork, and guesswork. I enjoyed your humour and wisdom (i.e. get your partner on board....I am the partner that was standing by the shore and now I'm starting to see through some of the fog!) Thanks.”

“I really enjoyed the class on boats and what to look for when buying one! Though it seemed slanted towards the sailing end of the spectrum,the insights into the legal aspects (licensing, liens,etc. ) was very interesting,and will pay dividends when,ultimately,I do buy a boat. Thanks again! “

Classes start again in September 2014. For more information on the date of the next seminar please contact the
 Trade School of Toronto