Right downtown. Great festivals and food. The marina is a bit strange though...

You will need to obtain a key card for the women's washroom and entry/exit at night. There is a $20 deposit. You will also need a code to key in to get on the dock. If you arrive when the office is closed, arrange to pick the card up at security.

The facility is very basic, but as we say, location, location, location. The washrooms, showers and laundry are in the big blue building which is also used as indoor parking as well as storage and repair of boats. The marina is right beside the Credit River with parks and bike paths. There are summer arts festivals as well as a great blues festival mid September.

Travel time from the Leslie street spit is about two and a half hours at 5 knots (10 km/hr). The marina is in the outer harbour protected by a stone break water and a sunken lake freighter. The lat and longs to the mouth of the harbour are 43.54716, -79.57683. If you are coming from the Outer Harbour you will first have to make a weigh point just off Gibraltar Point at Toronto Island.

Once you clear Gibraltar Point, you will be heading west. Follow your GPS/Chart plotter but for a visual sighting look for the chimneys of a petroleum plant just beyond in Mississauga. That will be your approximate heading. Once nearby look for a long, low building with blue walls. On the way back, make sure you clear a cement factory pier about 4 kilometres northeast at 43.5675, -79.5422 and then head for the City as the CN tower will be quite visible. If you are heading to the Outer Harbour again set a weigh point for Gibraltar Point at about 60 degrees magnetic.

Port Credit Harbour Marina,

1 Port Street East,

Mississauga, ON

L5G 4N1

TEL: 905-274-1595

FAX: 905-274-1029

43.54716, -79.57683

Toronto to Port Credit

Port Credit is a great destination close to Toronto. The downtown section is one block from the Marina so you won't even need bikes to get around. There are many galleries shops and restaurants as well as a summer farmers market and a liquor store within easy walking distance.

The marina in 2011 had no email or web site. You may phone with a reservation but have a number they can send a fax to, as they use this system for reservations. There is no WiFi at the marina but Second Cup and Starbuck's are nearby…