A most enjoyable cruise. One of the best in this part of Ontario

Although not recognized as a county by the Province of Ontario, Prince Edward County has its' government seat at Picton, by far the largest town in PEC. Picton is about a day's sail from Waupoos in the south of the county or Belleville or Trenton to the north and west.

The marina in Belleville is just east of the bridge on the north shore. Follow the day markers carefully. There is a light at the entrance. The marina is clean and new with a bar which shuts down before 11;00 so it's not too noisy. Although you may wish to walk to the food and liquor store you may be wise to take a $10 taxi ride back. Early risers should be aware that you cannot access the dock or washrooms or showers without a security card.

Again follow the channel markers carefully especially at Telegraph Narrows and don't be tempted to take the shortcut around X island when you head down the reach to Picton. The town is south of the cement plant that blights the environment on the west side.

The privately owned marina (Tip of the Bay) we stayed at is run by the owners of the former failed motel now a failing business centre. The washrooms and showers are filthy. The promised help at the dock did not help. She had a POS machine in her hand to accept my credit card. I cannot say a pleasant thing about this marina. Right beside it is the municipal marina with the gas dock and ice. Just the opposite is true of the service there. I recommend it highly. Although Picton is picturesque, the town if a hike from the dock up a hill and both the food and liquor stores are yet another hike up the highway. Try the coffee in the bookshop and check upstairs for an art exhibit. The Harbourview Inn (just before the
 hill) serve a great Canadian style breakfast.

After Picton you can get back to the main channel and head out and around to
Waupoos, the other great destination in PEC.

Meyer's Pier Marina

1 Front Street S


Latitude: 44°09.237'N

Longitude: 077°22.541'W

Prince Edward County

Prince Edward county is actually an island community that has retained a unique character from days long past. Winding country roads pass through towns untouched by modern times. The countryside is dotted with farms and vineyards, past artists' studios and antiques shops.

Prince Edward County in recent years has become a top culinary destination. In fact PEC has become one of the gastronomic capitals of Ontario - a fertile island bursting with vineyards, organic farms and a community of artists and chefs. The sailing is great too.

Belleville to Picton

Picton Harbour Park Marina
1 Head Street
Latitude: 44°00.588'N
Longitude: 077°08.131'W
Marina monitors channel 68