Our Best Cruise Recipes

A no-bake lemon meringue pie
You can make this pie with just a stove top. You will need a hand held propane torch to brown the meringue, so If you can't do that then consider a desert topping or whipped cream.

Prepare the crust and set aside. In a sauce pan prepare the lemon pie mix as instructed. I like to add a tablespoon or more of lemon juice to enhance the lemon flavour. While the pie mix cools slightly, go and find the propane torch. (It's somewhere in the port cockpit locker). Add the lemon mix to the crust and set aside. Separate the egg whites and beat with a whisk until stiff. Pile lavishly on top of the pie leaving lots of peaks and using the torch brown the meringue. Serve immediately. It won't last long. If you have more than 4 people on board consider making two.

In praise of Bisquick.

I've tried making my own bread dough on board. Too much work. I've tried buying frozen bread dough but I only have a fridge and it thaws too fast. I've made my own self-rising flour but it tasted like play-dough. Not that I've ever eaten play-dough.
Then I discovered  Bisquick. It's a cross between pancake mix and self rising flour. Yes it does contain ingredients not known in nature, but sealed well in a plastic container, it makes it easy to make quick breads, dumplings, what the Americans call biscuits but we call scones. Americans call biscuits cookies. Confusing I know, we do share a common language after all. You can even make a decent pizza with a bit of practice and there probably isn't a single recipe that takes more than 1 hour from start to eating.
You can go online for recipe ideas, but you can easily invent your own. I use binder clips to re-seal the inner package to keep the mix dry and prevent it from spilling into the larder.

No-bake Lemon Meringue Pie
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